Nepali Congress: NCP can’t have both Speaker and Deputy Speaker posts


The main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, has demanded that either the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives tender their resignation.

The Nepali Congress says that according to the constitution, people who belong to the same party cannot hold the two key positions in Parliament. NC Chief Whip Pushpa Bhusal said, “Now that the Election Commission has registered Nepal Communist Party, they should not occupy both the positions,” she added.

Then Maoist lawmaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara, was unanimously elected Speaker while the then UML leader Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe beat Bhusal in the race to claim the deputy post. The NCP says that as both Mahara and Bhusal have already resigned from the party to take up their new roles, it is not necessary to step down from their official positions.


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