Your Mother is yours and mine


Nine months you and nine months also
I was also naked in this religion.
I told you my mother’s breastfeeding
I don’t know how to put you on my father.

Your Mother is yours and mine.
Share of the same dog as yours and mine.
Glory be to the Lord of the garden.
A Mother’s heart is dancing and dancing on the ground in father.

Day night cut and cut.
I don’t know how to knock my youth
I wish to change for a long time
Thank you so much to tell the people you want to show it

Started discrimination my caste
Put me in your house and drink with others.
Rituals and culture of culture
You have made me laugh at the moment.

Killed in the sin of my sin.
In the past life you have made me cry.
My home is my sister-in-law changed my name.
You didn’t know what happened to us now.

Someone else’s daughter is going to do this today.
Time to play in front of yourself…
Tear all hidden in the gun
Oh my heart, I see all of my heart……।।


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