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What is success?

Ramprasad Paudel

Someone in sweet khan pacoma
Successful in a good way to Payne
Success in a good read everyone.
Someone got success in good nokri Payne.
Successful to make someone good home
Success for taking a good vehicle.
Someone in good Mrs. Payne
Success in a good husband Payne
Someone who has success in my son
Someone got your children success in high education
Sucess to buy 10 dhura land
Success in the way to exploit someone
Someone in big party success
Someone in a small party
Success in someone honest and duty
Someone success in chaddy and chaplusi
Success to get someone
Success for someone to post
Success to corruption someone
Success to talk someone
Don’t forget someone’s own thing
Success to someone in milliseconds
Success to kill someone else
Success to make someone else
Someone who wants to see the tour
Someone who gives birth to someone
Someone who wants to celebrate dashain and tihar.
If someone doesn’t want to die on his father’s mother
Someone who wants to be a head of head
Success to overcome two boat crossing the river?
Success in the art of inhibiting someone
A success to daman and atten
Someone success in job and profession
Get to leadership!? Success?!
Imaginary success to success without a job!
What is success?


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