Time and flowers

Suman Thapa

Wherever you are
Love you maya love
Bilawal today
With time…

Happy to
No limit
No excuse
Hilarious mind
From kopilacity
It used to be flowers

That time
I am looking for you
With time..
Thinking for me
Don’t stop
That moment,
Seconds and minute
I don’t know how to spend a hundred years.
Every couple…
Happy throughout the moment
You are going to be sad.
There is a running.. It’s running.

See the light of love
Tammy eyes
The decay is broken
With time of time
Inning Mountains
Definitely covered
Kuimandal clouds
The sunshine rays like the ciray.
Darkest time of heart
Irritating Quaid Bani
In the four days of heart..

Looking for sweetness of love
Wants to be flower
Fragrance Chardai
Be sweet fruit
World Niazi Nayan
With the speed of the time
Waiting for bas air bag..
Finally at the flame of chika
Oil Flower
Never blooming.
Never forget ।।


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