The Association for justice in the school.

Prem Gayak 

1) crazy made
Crazy made.
Nirmalaka Buwalai
This government made crazy.

Killed four myna
Even if you want to be a pugi.
Dharana settled yagya prasad
To get justice.

2) did not give justice
Nya didn’t give.
This kuraute government
Don’t give justice.

Could have spent the day
Dharma stayed.
Could be left to get the shur

3) unconscious banas
Made the unconscious.
Nirmalaka Buwalai
The Vesenses made.

Jathabhavi speaking
Mind done comloud.
How much pain will you be afraid
Wife to the wife.

4) piday pidama
Piday Pidama.
Can be sold four myna
Piday Pidama.

Let’s go to the kathmandu hey
To be treated.
Going now this government
The capital pasture.

5) playing the drama
Playing the drama.
Again the government
Playing the drama.

Where went killer
Where went commission?
The family of nirmala
Done very viyog.

6) made viyog
The Viyog made.
In the family of nirmala
The Viyog made.

Government sĕga
Do you have a khuvi?
Find the killer
Sensitive Buni.

7) Let’s find out
Let’s find out.
Nirmala to the killer
Let’s find out.

Kill the killers
Who is the one who has to do?
Blinds this government
Do you see the okha?

8) Essa Mayo
Come on, come on.
Nirmala will get justice
Come on, come on.

Dhann Basau all now
Nirmalākā’s stomach is made.
Let’s go to the hattemalo
If you get justice.

9) make bound
Make a force.
Kill the killers
Make a force.


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