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The CPI (ML) – Red Star


Dear Comrades,

First of all on behalf of Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) and myself we would like to convey our warm and revolutionary greetings to the 11th Party Congress of CPI (ML) – Red Star and wish its best success. In the same time please allow us to convey our greetings to delegates and observers of the Party Congress and fraternal delegates too. In fact the party congress is a symbol of proletarian internationalism and the presence of the fraternal delegates from varies countries of the world indicates that.

Both the parties, NCP (Mashal) and CPI (ML) – Red Star have a long history of fraternal and friendly relationship for about four decades. It started in background of the counter revolution of China and developed in the course of struggle against Chinese revolution, founding of the RIM (Revolutionary Internationalist Movement), participation in IC (International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations) and founding of ICOR(International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations). Besides it, both of our parties have supported the movement in Nepal and India mutually. In this regard this support of the CPI (ML) – Red Star to the democratic and peoples movement of Nepal in various occasions its worth mention.

Both of our parties have jointly contributed much to make a success the ICOR and organize various programs of peasant, women, auto mobile, mine workers extra in Asia or international level. Many of these conferences of mass and class organizations were held in Nepal or India.  Both our parties have worked together to strengthen revolutionary movement in Asia and in international level together organizing anti-imperialist movement also.

We are convinced of its that the decision taken in the 11th party congress and leadership elected by that will contribute many times more to strengthen the friendly and fraternal relationship between both of our parties and strengthen the world revolutionary and anti imperialist movement also. We shall try our best to cooperate to achieve these goals.

Outwardly, the world imperialism seems very powerful and invincible but the reality is quite opposite. According the Leninist principle of unequal development of capitalism, many new capitalist countries have emerged in the world after the second world war some of those being turned in to imperialist once. Such a development has intensified the crisis of imperialism which is narrowing the market for them and because of that contradiction among them is multiplying more and more. Such a role on the part of imperialist countries has become a danger for the world peace also. War is inherent in the very character of the imperialism so there is chance of a world war to be broken at any time. So defense of peace also has become a very important task at the present world.

As an effort on their path to come out the crisis they are facing imperialist forces have entered into the stage of globalization which is not a new one but only a part of imperialism. But globalization also instead of solving their problem has intensified their crisis many times more and they are becoming weaker and weaker day by day. Life line of capitalism is profit and capitalism can not exist with out that. To maximize that they are compelled to increase production and that is possible only after large scale production and in the course of it the production takes more and more social character which ultimately paves the way for socialist revolution.

As a result of the growing economic crisis of the world capitalist system have made revolutionary objective condition for the socialist revolution very favorable in world scale. But the subjective revolutionary conditions are lacking far behind of that. So it become the historical responsibility of the all the Marxist and Leninist parties and organizations to contribute maximum to develop subjective revolutionary condition. This task can be fulfilled on the basis of guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung thought and unity of all Marxist-Leninists, revolutionary and or anti-imperialist forces. So it becomes duty of all Marxist-Leninist parties or organizations of the world to contribute maximum to achieve these goals both in international level and each country.

As it is known world over, the successful united movement of the leftist and democratic parties and peoples of Nepal, especially that of April 2005, abolished monarchy, which existed for two and half centuries in Nepal. The people of Nepal have been struggling for about six and half decked for the election of the constitutional assembly (CA) the chief aim behind that being to transfer the sovereignty from king to people.  At last the election of the CA was held and it got new constitution in 2072. It was a grate historical achievement of the democratic movement of Nepal.

Indian expansionism (IE) oppose the constitution from the very beginning as it was not in accordance with the expansionist interest of India. So India wanted the constitution to be amended according to its interest and used blocked against Nepal to give pressure to amend the constitution. The country as a whole, stood against that. We are happy to note it that the world wide pressure against Modi Government and solidarity shown by Indian people with the people of Nepal compelled the Indian ruling class to uplift the blocked. In this regard the role of the CPI (ML) –Red Star together with all Marxist Leninist parties or organizations of India was very important who fully supported the movement of Nepalese people against expansionist role of Modi Government to Nepal. The chapter of blocked has come to an end but the struggle of Nepali people against Indian expansionism is a continual process and we deserve support of the all anti imperialist, anti expansionist and peace and just loving people of India and world over.

Federalism has been a serious national problem of Nepal. Both communist and democratic parties of Nepal in their long history had never raised the demand of federalism in Nepal. It was only under the grand design of Western Imperialist countries and IE to disintegrate Nepal that federal system has been imposed in Nepal. Not only that, IE has organized a handful pro-Indian elements in Terai, known as Madeshbadies, to fulfill the Indian Expansionist interest in Nepal the chief aim of theirs being to make Terai independent from Nepal and lastly to merge in to India, thus to make Nepal Second Sikkim.

At the time of general election of Nepal under the grand design of IE all the Royalist, Hindu Fundamentalist, Pro-Indian and all re-actionist forces were united under the leadership of Nepali-Congress. Had they been victorious in the election it was certain that the republic, nationality and secularism would have been threaten. However, both UML and Maoist Center formed an alliance and achieved over whelming victory in the election.

Now, both former UML and Maoist Centre, they have formed a single organization known as Nepal Communist Party(NCP). They claim that this is a Communist Party. But such a claim of them is baseless as both of those have deviated from the fundamental Marxist-Leninist principles. Simultaneously, the government led by them also con not be taken as a communist one. But we hold view that it is progressive than the Nepali Congress. We also hold the view that has the alliance led by the Nepali Congress had achieved majority in the election there was danger of monarchy being restored and Nepal being turned into Hindu Nation. So victory of former UML and Maoist Centre checked them from playing such a retrogressive game at least for the time being but we do not deny the possibility of they (present NCP) playing enhance of foreign and domestic reactionary forces and leading countries to retrogression in one or another way. Considering upon their opportunist character and their past record such a possibility cannot be fully denied. Only a well organized and powerful people’s movement can check country from taking to retrogressive direction and our party is determined to work for that.

In such a background our party has supported the present government led by NCP to the extent it works for the interest of the country and people but reserving our right to oppose the policies and actions of the government whenever it adapts in a policy against interest of country and people. However, the government of Nepal although a communist government outwardly, is not a communist one, so we are not confident of it that it will bring any radical change in the country or take firm stand against foreign or domestic reactionary forces.

For the time being we are trying our best to organize people’s struggle to defend republic, nationality, secularism of the country and to fulfill the progressive and just demands of the people in many cases having unity-in-action with various other political parties or organizations of the country. But we are clear on it that the fundamental problems of the people would not be solved unless and until new democratic revolution takes place in the country. So all our tactical movements would be only means to solve the great cause of new democratic revolution.

We have pleasure to announce it that the 8th party congress of the NCP (Mashal) is going to be held next year. We humbly request all the participants of the ICOR, including CPI (ML) – Red Star and fraternal parties and organizations present here, to come Nepal to participate in our party congress. However the date of the congress is still to be finalized and we shall send formal invitation letters after the date of the congress is decided.

In the last we wish best success of the 11th party congress of the CPI (ML) – Red Star.

With revolutionary greetings

MB Singh

General Secretary

NCP (Mashal)


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