RISING CRICKET FOR WOMEN, Nepal an associate cricket club of National Cricket Council Nepal since 2015 based in southern Kathmanduunder the leadership of Aarati Bidari is continuously helping girls to play cricket and promoting cricket in local, regional, national and international level. These girls come from far of villages with talent in themselves. In order to take these girls to the next level of International cricketing experience has joined hands with CRICKET4KIDSINDIA, a non-profit organization originated in Australia and now being taken forward in India, headquartered in New Delhi by Goutam Naithani.

CRICKET4KIDSINDIA team focuses on the collection/arrangement, transportation and distribution of new and used cricket equipment to the communities in less fortunate circumstances. We believe that it will directly impact to the growth of cricket in the South Asia region. The living hope that cricket4kidsindia operates on providing access to sports these children could develop through fundamental childhood experiences common to children regardless of any circumstances.

Most importantly and immediately is the urgency and the need of bringing joy and hope in the lives of the less fortunate kids!

CRICKET4KIDSINDIA believes that power of cricket will empower girls in Nepal and will break down the cycle of poverty and dependence by bringing out the talented women cricketers from the underprivileged section of the society and make the lotus bloom from the mud and slush!

We together will arrange more International exposure to our players and will work towards the cause of collecting and re-distribution of old and new cricketing equipment’s to the underprivileged kids to bring a better player and a better people in the society.

RISING CRICKET FOR WOMEN, President Miss Aarati Bidari would like to thank Mr. Goutam Naithani, President and Founder and the entire team of Cricket4KidsIndia to believe in us for making a better tomorrow for the girls in Nepal.


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