Declaration of International Seminar on ‘Marxism and Socialism’


in Commemoration of Karl Marx’s Bicentenary

30-31 May 2018, Katmandu, Nepal

On the occasion of the bicentenary celebration of Karl Marx, we, the leaders and representatives of 23 Communists, Socialist and Workers parties from 17 countries of the world have participated in the International Seminar on Marxism and Socialism jointly hosted by the Nepal Communist Party and Nepal Communist Party (Masal) on 30-31 May, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal. We, the participants, represented in the Seminar have exchanged our valuable opinions and views regarding the relevance of Marxism and Communist-Socialist Movements in the world in general and our countries in particular under the contemporary international political situation. We, hereby, unanimously adopt this declaration.

  1. This gathering has been an important opportunity for all of us to reflect on the contributions of Karl Marx to the working class and Communist movement and development of socialism in the world. While commemorating the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, all of us believe in the relevance of Marxism, its creative implementation according to objective realities of respective countries and learning lessons from the history. We have seriously deliberated and made discourses on the relevance of Marxism in the present context of the world. We recognize that the contributions of Karl Marx to philosophy, politics, economics, history and culture are important endowment to humanity as he become the most influential philosopher of the last millennium and in the present world. Marxism is still relevant and guiding all Communist, Socialist and Working masses towards Scientific Socialism for a just, peaceful and prosperous world.
  2. We recognize that the contemporary world is undergoing through multiple contradictions, rapid scientific and technological innovations and changes. Unequal distribution of wealth and resources, hegemony and imperialism are still persistent. The resistance and struggles of the Marxist parties and working masses have been contributing for a better world to realize justice, equality, liberty, peace and prosperity combined with socialism. We have realized the urgency of further strengthening the movement. To march ahead, we believe on international solidarity and cooperation among the Marxist parties in the world.
  3. We extend our solidarity to all those who are fighting for people’s democracy, socialism, justice, equality, peace, environment protection and inclusivity, women liberation, end of racism, all forms of extremism, caste and gender discrimination, poverty, capitalist exploitation and monopoly capitalism in the world.
  4. We appreciate that Nepal Communist Party has demonstrated an unprecedented success in the creative implementation of Marxism. We congratulate the Nepal Communist Party for emerging as a strong party in Nepal unifying the two largest communist parties- Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) and the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Centre).
  5. We also congratulate the Nepal Communist Party for its landslide victory in the recently held elections in the years 2017 and 2018 for local, provincial and federal parliaments and subsequent formation of governments. We wish every success of the Communist Government of Nepal in its endeavors.
  6. We express our commitments to promote and enrich Marxism through its creative application in respective countries to achieve socialism in the world. We also reaffirm our mutual solidarity and commitment to continue to exchange ideas and experiences among ourselves in the days to come.

We would like to thank the Nepali comrades for organizing this program and providing us with warm hospitality.

Name of the Participating Parties    


  1. Socialist Alliance, Australia
  2. Socialist Party of Bangladesh
  3. Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh
  4. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  5. Workers Party of Bangladesh
  6. Communist Party of China
  7. MLPD, Germany
  8. CPI (ML), Liberation, India
  9. Communist Party of India (CPI)
  10. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  11. Workers Party of Korea
  12. Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, Lao
  13. Democratic Way, Morocco
  14. Nepal Communist Party
  15. Nepal Communist Party (Masal)
  16. Communist Party of Russian Federation, Russia
  17. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  18. JVP, Sri Lanka
  19. Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party of South Africa
  20. United Socialist Party, Venezuela
  21. Communist Party of Vietnam
  22. Socialist Party of Zambia
  23. 31 May 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal


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